Client Testimonials

When our nonprofit needed help with creating a scalable accounting system that could grow with us, we went straight to StraightRay! Experienced advice from a real expert is what we received from StraitRay Corporation. Jeff helped us with getting a handle on our books, recommending a software solution and even provided a comprehensive block of training classes to help ensure our success. Jeff is not just another accountant in town; he is an invaluable resource for any business in St. John's County.

- John McLain
Senior Pastor, Landmark Ministries Inc.

StraitRay has been an invaluable asset to my company. Jeff’s knowledge of accounting, tax law and most importantly for me, QuickBooks, has been instrumental in successfully growing my new small business. Jeff always answers my questions in plain English and doesn’t treat me like the mental midget I am when it comes to accounting procedure.
This tax season, StraightRay took my many envelopes of receipts, stacks of bank records and my QuickBooks file and simply "made it happen". When all was said and done, my books were in tip top shape and my taxes were filed all while leaving me free to focus on the all important task of running my business. Thank you for everything that you do.

- Scott Rock
Proprietor, RockIT Solutions

- Tony Rose
This letter was written by a valued client who thought our CEO, Jeff Strait, was retiring due to the sale of his business in St. Augustine. Have no fear, Jeff isn't retiring anytime soon, but Tony's letter was worth sharing!

BGTA, a division of StraitRay Corp., offers a wide range of Management Accounting, Finance, Tax Preparation, Office System, and Computer Networking services that will adapt to your business needs. We offer everything from payroll, bookkeeping, Quickbooks training, and cash management to inventory, tax preparation, auditing, and cost accounting services. We also offer other business services, such as human resources, medical claim resolution services, computer software integration and troubleshooting, and support.

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