Bob Greene's Total Accounting, a division of StraitRay Corporation

A Proven Solution to Your Business Problems . . .

Bob Greene's Total Accounting, a division of StraitRay Corporation has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of Business Solutions that will fulfill all of your business needs. You always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide a total 100% satisfaction guaranteed solution to your business needs.
We generally charge by the hour for our consulting services. However, some projects can occasionally be quoted at a fixed price. We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate assistance. Contact us for a free consultation.

BGTA, a division of StraitRay Corp., offers a wide range of Management Accounting, Finance, Tax Preparation, Office System, and Computer Networking services that will adapt to your business needs. We offer everything from payroll, bookkeeping, Quickbooks training, and cash management to inventory, tax preparation, auditing, and cost accounting services. We also offer other business services, such as human resources, medical claim resolution services, computer software integration and troubleshooting, and support.

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